VA Senate Candidate Radtke Hammers Allen as Part of Permanent Political Class

VA Senate Candidate Radtke Hammers Allen as Part of Permanent Political Class

As much as the Tea Party movement is a counter force against liberals, the movement began as much in part due to the fiscal irresponsibility of Republicans in Congress in the 2000s. And that is partly why Republicans associated with that era have had trouble gaining the trust of the Tea Party.

Former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen was part of that establishment. And Tea Party senate candidate Jamie Radtke, who is trying to ride the anti-establishment wave that propelled Richard Mourdock and Deb Fischer in Indiana and Nebraska, respectively, to primary victories, is trying to use the same template against Allen. 

In a new campaign video, Radtke highlights moments from her most recent debate in which she “savaged” Allen for being responsible for allowing the country’s debt to spiral out of control. 

When put on the defensive, Allen replied that domestic spending had to increase the last decade because of the “horrific attacks on 9/11.”

Radtke, in disbelief, replied back that Medicare Part D and No Child Left Behind, both of which Allen voted for, had nothing to do with 9/11.

“It was on the domestic side why we had $3 trillion in debt,” Radtke yelled.

Radtke said Virginians are looking to “break away from the status quo Washington profile.

“Career politicians are destroying this country and they do not deserve another chance,” the campaign commercial shows Radtke saying. “We can do better. It’s not about sending people to Washington, it’s about saving people from Washington.” 

The anti-establishment Radtke has the perfect foil in a candidate who many feel is associated with the Republican establishment the Tea Party formed in revolt against. And her campaign is looking to hammer home that theme in the weeks leading up the Commonwealth’s June 12 primary.