Romney, Obama Tied Among Hispanics in Florida

Romney, Obama Tied Among Hispanics in Florida

A new poll out today of the critical swing state of Florida shows Mitt Romney opening a strong lead over President Obama. More surprisingly, it shows the two essentially tied among the state’s large Hispanic population. The poll, from highly-respected Quinnipiac University, shows Obama winning just 42% of the Hispanic vote in the state, while Romney gets the support of 40%. 

The poll also found Romney and Obama tied among women voters, with Obama winning 45% of their vote to Romney’s 44%. As my colleague John Nolte wrote today, recent polls show that Obama’s months-long pandering to women voters has failed. This poll provides further evidence that, as usual, Nolte was right. 

One other noteworthy bit about this poll: its one of the few recent polls to feature a realistic partisan screen. The partisan breakdown of the poll is D-34, R-31, I-29. That isn’t far off the actual 2008 electorate, when Obama swept into office. Yet, Obama is down by six points in the state. If the actual electorate were to move toward what it looked like in 2010, Romney would be up by double-digits in the state. 

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