Cruz: 'Desperate' Dewhurst Attack Ad a 'Lie'

Cruz: 'Desperate' Dewhurst Attack Ad a 'Lie'

In response to a last-minute attack ad by establishment Texas GOP senate candidate David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz and his campaign fired back to discredit the ad and highlight Dewhurst’s own record on immigration. The Dewhurst ad claims Cruz is pro-amnesty, and the campaign is firing on all cylinders to contest that charge.

The Cruz campaign immediately released a video attacking Dewhurst’s immigration record. Dewhurst, in the past, has “supported sanctuary citieswas against e-verify, has said on record ‘it would not be practical’ to deport illegal immigrants, is for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and has not taken a clear position on a border fence.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, Cruz then held a press conference where he called Dewhurst’s ad “the act of a desperate man clinging to power.” He continued, Dewhurst’s “lies are getting more and more ridiculous.”

The campaign also released a statement from George P. Bush that denounced Dewhurst’s attack ad: 

It’s very disappointing to see David Dewhurst resort to blatantly false attack ads charging that Ted Cruz supports amnesty. Ted has always categorically opposed amnesty. The only basis for Dewhurst’s fraudulent claim is that Ted serves on the ‘advisory board’ of a Hispanic civic organization that seeks to empower Hispanics economically by promoting entrepreneurship.

When I first heard this false attack ad, I was offended not only as a Hispanic but as a Republican. We are a party of inclusion that welcomes the fastest growing demographic in our State that largely shares our conservative values of limited government, strengthening the family and supporting small business. This is the type of divisive racial politics used by President Obama and the Democrats. It has no place in the Republican party.