WI Recall: Absentee Voting Begins; Don't Forget The Undercard

WI Recall: Absentee Voting Begins; Don't Forget The Undercard

While most of the attention surrounding the June 5 recall election in my beloved home state of Wisconsin rightfully swirls around that state’s governor and rising GOP star, Scott Walker, it’s important to remember that there are five other Republican seats on the recall ballot: four State Senate seats and the state’s dynamic Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch.

For the sake of sending a message to the entire country and most especially to the crybaby public unions we support with our tax dollars — that anarchy, lawlessness and lame drum circles do not win elections —  this defeat must be total and absolute … for America.  

Absentee voting has already begun in Wisconsin. Early signs are good, good enough that a pro-Barrett group cancelled a $112,000 ad buy. This is all well and good, but we can’t take our eyes off the other races, especially the Lt. Governor, who is up against a well-financed opponent and whose defeat would be a symbolic victory for spoiled crybabies everywhere.

Kleefisch’s opponent is Mahlon Mitchell, the head of Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, a statewide public union. Mitchell is also a bit of ingrate and hypocrite. Not only were firefighter and police unions exempt from Walker’s reforms involving collective bargaining, but until craven political opportunity came knocking, Mitchell publicly praised Walker in a statement released referring directly to the bill that caused all of this controversy, the Budget Repair Bill.

By all accounts, Kleefisch, is a rising star. She’s not only won Sarah Palin’s support but like Governor Palin, epitomizes the citizen politician; a mother, wife, and cancer survivor who points to her daughters when asked why she chose to step into the public arena. She’s also faced what all effective, attractive female conservatives face: the very worst kind of sexually degrading taunts that never get the media attention they deserve. But what’s most important about Kleefisch is a public record of not only being a loyal ally to Walker, but also as the state’s “jobs ambassador,” which has shown results.

Also on the recall ballot are four State Senate seats, all of them currently held by Republican incumbents. The only victory the crybaby unions have enjoyed in what has otherwise been the most expensive campaign of self-humiliation in electoral history, was the pick-up of two State Senate in last summer’s recall. As a result, Republican control of the State Senate now hangs by a precarious 17-16 majority, which means that on June 5, Republicans must win four-for-four.

The most recent polls I could find show that these smaller races are tightening, and with everyone distracted by the big prize, Walker, my fear is that these highly important undercard races might get lost in the shuffle.  

So if you don’t live in Wisconsin, what can you do? We still have a long slog still to June 5,  and money matters. You can also, from anywhere in the world,  volunteer to help with Get Out The Vote campaigns via telephone.

Please visit the links below and get engaged. What happens in Wisconsin will have a ripple effect straight through to November’s presidential election. What happens in Wisconsin matters in too many ways to count, and this includes my personal desire to endlessly ridicule #WIUnion on Twitter after the results come in.

Please visit and support…

Governor Scott Walker.

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

State Senator Scott Fitzgerald.

 Jerry Petrowski (running for a State Senate seat vacated by a Republican incumbent due to illness).

State Senator Wanggaard.

State Senator Terry Moulton.

Do whatever you can, whatever you are able to when it comes to time, money or both.

What you can’t do is nothing.

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