AFP Kicks Off Better Wisconsin Bus Tour

AFP Kicks Off Better Wisconsin Bus Tour

This morning Americans for Prosperity (AFP) kicked off a four-day bus tour in Milwaukee to highlight the recent successes in Wisconsin and continuing to stay focused on the future challenges the dairy state faces. The tour is called “A Better Wisconsin, Putting Solutions Before Politics,” and will roll through 10 cities, finishing off at a Tea Party rally in Racine on Saturday morning.

While the tour is not a “get-out-the-vote” drive, it will focus on the elimination of the $3.6 billion state deficit, reduction of property taxes for the first time in 12 years, and more than $1 billion in savings thanks to Scott Walker’s premier legislation known as Act 10. That led to the union-organized occupation of the state capital last February, and the current effort to recall Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and three state senators. The AFP tour will also coincide with a statewide petition from citizens to encourage their elected representatives to continue the reforms in 2013.

AFP President Tim Phillips is joining the tour with Luke Hilgemann, AFP’s State Director for Wisconsin. Radio host Tony Katz is also on the tour, and energized the crowd this morning after praising Wisconsin residents for their seriousness and commitment to making the hard decisions to help save their state. Katz said: “We’re gonna go across this state, were gonna take this bus and our beautiful carbon footprint… and hear the people say loud and clear to those people who want to send us back to the days of overspending, over-taxation and getting nothing for it, ‘Hell, no!'”

Wisconsin Speaker Pro Tempore Bill Kramer celebrated–with some admitted disbelief–that the legislature had closed a budget deficit of $3.6 billion without raising taxes but emphasized how far the state still has to go. Kramer remarked, “We have a long way to go…. But we are a good ways down the road of outrunning Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan… And that’s why what we did in the last two years was big, but we’re not done. We have a long, long way to go.”

Following the speeches, attendees were encouraged to climb into the bus to make phone calls to other Wisconsin residents and encourage them to help the keep the state moving in the right direction. Other local AFP Wisconsin staff said that they expect to draw more of attention in the coming days as the June 5th recall election nears, and that they are anticipating over 3000 attendees at their final stop, a Tea Party Rally in Racine featuring Madison talk radio host Vicki McKenna and Breitbart’s own Dana Loesch.

For more information on the tour and how to get involved, visit AFP Wisconsin’s Website.