Kleefisch Money Bomb Raises over $53k

Kleefisch Money Bomb Raises over $53k

The money bomb launched yesterday for Wisconsin’s embattled Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch yielded an impressive five figures. Kleefisch’s campaign received 1,035 donations with $53,706.51 as the grand total.

The money will go towards ad buys to defend the successful Lieutenant Governor from out-of-state labor interests who have dumped millions behind her challenger. 

Click here to learn more about Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, the Wisconsin recall, and her race. It is second in importance only to the presidential election this year.

Does any race better embody the struggle between the future of liberty and the iron fist of oppression and tyranny than that of a Wisconsin mom verses the machine? 

Make no mistake: a loss in Wisconsin will derail the first generation of reform governors. It will affect every other state, and give the President a singular victory from which to campaign as he slides his failed policies off the table.

Not only that, but a loss for Kleefisch could discourage other women from running for office. Conservative women have been met with a barrage of abuse simply for being conservatives, and Kleefisch is no exception. If other potential female conservative candidates see what the left is capable of doing to one currently in office, don’t expect to see them take on the heat of a campaign in the future.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin and Teri Christoph of ShePAC and Smart Girl Politics for helping organize this hugely successful effort, and to Twitchy for the non-stop coverage of #Rally4Rebecca

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