Planned Parenthood Gives Advice on Sex-Selection Abortion

Planned Parenthood Gives Advice on Sex-Selection Abortion

The group Live Action continues to reveal what really goes on insidePlanned Parenthood’s clinics. In a video released today, a counselor at aclinic in Austin, Texas is shown casually discussing a sex-selectionabortion of an otherwise healthy baby. This is what a real war on womenlooks like, but don’t expect Sandra Fluke or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz tocare.

The video is chilling for the calm, matter of fact way in which thePlanned Parenthood counselor discusses aborting the baby if it turns outto be a girl. After confirming that the patient is pregnant she says:

PP Staff: I see that you say that you want to terminate if it’s a girl, so are youjust wanting to continue the pregnancy in the meantime, or what?

When the woman asks if it will be a problem getting a sex-selectionabortion, the Planned Parenthood counselor seems more worried about thefact that it will be a relatively late term abortion, having explainedpreviously that an ultrasound can’t usually detect the sex of the babyuntil 5 months (18 weeks):

Woman: And, um, so I feel like worried that-you know, I mean, doyou know a doctor who could-do you think I should go and just ask for anultrasound and just not tell him that I’m gonna terminate if it’s agirl, or-I just feel like there’s been some judgment for my-

PPStaff: Um, I mean, to be honest with you, um, I would probably think so,just because we’ve had even clinicians, I mean, regular doctors thatactually have even told women, you know, you can’t go and terminateafter you’re 16 weeks. You know? Which is not true, but, you know,they-a lot of doctors, you know-they’ll place judgment because of thefact that the brain is already developed, every-a lot, pretty mucheverything’s already developed.

Sex-selection abortion is common in other parts of the world. InChina,the government’s one-child policy means families, especially ruralfarmers, feel pressure to have boys. As a result of aborting or simplyabandoning newborn girls, China has developed a statisticallysignificant sex-ratio imbalance. Official estimates suggest there may be30 million more boys under the age of 20 than girls.

A seven minute edit of the Live Action footage is available below. The transcript of the entire exchange is available here. According to an interview with Lila Rose at the Daily Caller, there are more videos coming.