Reformists Hold Final Wisconsin Rally Before Historic Recall Election

Reformists Hold Final Wisconsin Rally Before Historic Recall Election

I’ve said it before: the recall election June 5th in Wisconsin is the most important state election this year, second only to the presidential election. Why? Because Governor Scott Walker leads the first generation of reform governors.

Together with his second-in-command, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, the Walker reforms have produced what will be a $154 billion-dollar surplus, saved the state over $800 million, and saved teachers’s jobs, all without raising taxes. The voters love it, but Big Public Labor hates it. Out-of-state labor bosses are running their candidates and dumping millions into the state in an abuse of the electoral system. Voters voted in 2010 and Big Labor wants to undo it because they didn’t like the results. They collected a million signatures but, shockingly, only 650k votes for the recall primary.

A year ago Andrew Breitbart helped propel Wisconsin’s struggle into the national spotlight. He visited frequently and spoke in the cold at one rally as thousands of labor protesters marched in circles around the capitol. We are continuing his fight. Other patriots and I will be in Racine tomorrow, June 2nd, along with Congressman Paul Ryan, in one last hurrah before the June 5th recall. If you are in within driving distance, come. 

If you can’t spare the time but can spare the dollar, please do. Lt. Gov. Kleefisch is one of the most vulnerable, a mother who simultaneously fought the GOP establishment and cancer and won. She’s been ravaged by the left for it, too. Walker would not have been as effective without Kleefisch as his second-in-command.

Four other lawmakers are also up for recall in a state legislature in which one loss will throw the balance of power.

Wisconsin needs our help. Every governor, from Bobby Jindal to Mario Cuomo, is watching Wisconsin right now. If Walker wins again over Big Labor–if all those who worked to bring progress to the state win over big labor–such a message will be sent to the Obama administration as to rattle the Che posters off the walls.

Let’s make decisive victory happen. But it will take more than the people in Wisconsin; it will also require the help of their patriot friends outside the state to raise both money and awareness.

I said over a month ago in a speech: Wisconsin is ground zero in the new American Revolution. This is the first battle in a long political war. Let’s achieve a strong victory as we prepare for fall.