Condoleezza Rice's First D.C. Fundraiser Will Be ShePAC, June 25

Condoleezza Rice's First D.C. Fundraiser Will Be ShePAC, June 25

Former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice will take part in her first ever Washington, D.C. fundraiser on June 25th at the Capitol Hill Club, Breitbart News has learned. 

Rice will headline a fundraiser for ShePAC, the Super PAC which formed in February to elect more Republican women to Congress. Rice will give a private foreign policy briefing to those in attendance at the event. 

“Though the population of the United States is 51% female, Republican women hold only 5.5% of our Congressional seats,” reads an e-mail the group will send out to its national list later today. “We are excited and humbled to announce that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is joining our efforts to change that percentage by helping us support Republican women.”

Along with Rice, ShePAC has invited its entire slate of 2012 candidates and all 29 Republican women serving in Congress. 

“We have already introduced you to The Five, an impressive group of conservative women who will help take back the U.S. Senate and send Harry Reid back to the minority,” the e-mail says. “At this event, we’ll introduce you to ‘The 12 for ’12:’ Twelve courageous, conservative women running for the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Rice, who is often the secret weapon the Stanford football team uses to land recruits and is in high demand in Republican fundraising circles, is showing the seriousness with which she takes recruiting more Republican women to run for office by helping ShePAC raise money. 

ShePAC’s first video, “Obama’s Million Dollar Man” was a viral sensation, with nearly 500,000 hits and widespread exposure in the media. ShePAC was among the first backers of future conservative superstar Mia Love and helped her campaign by running an aggressive social media campaign targeting conservative women in Utah on her behalf. 

ShePAC also was the first national group to endorse Nebraska GOP Senate candidate Deb Fischer as part of their “The Five” campaign, helped her with social media buys, and allowed Fischer to capitalize on Sarah Palin’s endorsement that propelled her to the nomination. ShePAC has also been on the front lines from the beginning backing Wisconsin Lieutenant Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in Wisconsin’s recall election. 

ShePAC’s co-chairs are Teri Christoph & Suzanne Haik Terrell and its treasurer is Tim Crawford. This will be the group’s first formal fundraiser. ShePAC has been successful raising money online, with the average donation being $61 dollars and a majority of their donors — 68% — being women in a fundraising world usually dominated by men.