AEI/Arthur Brooks: Does Capitalism Put Profits Ahead of People?

AEI/Arthur Brooks: Does Capitalism Put Profits Ahead of People?

American Enterprise President Arthur Brooks, author of the new book “The Road to Freedom,” debunks the myth that “capitalism is only about profits” in a video exclusive to Breitbart News. 

Brooks, who has urged Republicans to make the moral case for free enterprise and whose ideas have been adopted by many Republicans, will be speaking at CPAC Chicago on Friday. In his speech, he will echo many of the same themes that had made him one of top people Republicans want to consult to better craft their arguments for the free enterprise system. 

“Free enterprise is about people, not profits,” Brooks says in the video. “It’s great that some people earn profits. Other people earn other things, depending on what their skills and passions and wants are.”

Brooks adds: 

They start churches that save souls. They start non-profit organizations or clean up the environment or whatever their dreams really are. You lift up other people. Government-centric systems, socialism, that puts the state in the center of everything. It makes people fight each other to get government resources. That puts materialism things ahead of people. Only free enterprise puts people first.

The video can be seen below.