Lessons from the Wisconsin Recall

Lessons from the Wisconsin Recall

Big Labor took a roundhouse to the chin despite the millions of dollars in member dues spent in an attempt to recall Wisconsin Governor Walker. Conservatives and practical-minded Americans, however, cannot become complacent with this victory. 

Big Labor showed how desperate it was in orchestrating the offensive recall. Big Labor thumbed its nose at the citizens of Wisconsin and America because it could not win the original election legitimately. In doing so, it resorted to a campaign of misinformation, coercion, propaganda, and intimidation to bully its way to victory. Thankfully, Americans are waking up and drawing a line in the sand with Big Labor and all who endorse or utilize such tactics — tactics which are uncalled for in modern America.

Interestingly, nearly a third of union members who cast votes in the recall election did so for Governor Walker, as did 48 % of voters who live with union members. Additionally, teachers in Wisconsin have been showing their disdain for union tactics, as polls of active teachers show that Wisconsin teachers’ positive view of the teachers unions has declined from 58% to 43%, while negative views of the unions doubled from 16% to 32%. Furthermore, Wisconsin unions’s ranks dropping ahead of the recall vote is another indicator that rank and file members continue to question Big Labor policies and voted ahead of time with their feet. Wisconsin membership in AFSCME fell from 62,818 to 28,745 over the past year. Apparently, they don’t like their union dues and credit card fees (see Big Labor: credit card profiteers) and interest utilized for political purposes, especially for an unnecessary recall election.

Ultimately what Wisconsin means is that there is opportunity for a major conservative victory in November. However, a few critical lessons must be remembered and implemented.

1.) It is the economy and we are not stupid! Fiscal responsibility trumped union power in Wisconsin. Fiscal responsibility must be trumpeted nationwide.

2.) Complacency will end in defeat. Big Labors’ gasping dinosaurs are headed toward extinction. Remember, desperate people do desperate things. Expect a down and dirty fight to the finish, which must be countered with professionalism, character, and ethics.

3.) The conservatives and Tea Party countered the union foot soldiers with an effective ground game. Now it must be done nationwide.

4.) Don’t be afraid to expose the misinformation, propaganda, and coercion for what it is, and counter with common sense and the truth. The majority of people will wake up and understand.

5.) Don’t buckle to the intimidation tactics. Look the bully in the eye and smile.

6.) Don’t be afraid to expose the opposition’s agenda – socialism through the catch phrase “Social Justice.”

7.) Don’t be afraid to expose the truth about the opponent’s past affiliations. A person or entity’s past affiliations speak volumes.

8.) Take the offensive. The best defense is a strong offense.

9.) Use the unions/Democrats misuse of members’ dues against them.

10.) Don’t buy into the ruse that the “Citizens United” case created an unfair playing field for Republicans. Expose the fact that it merely evened a playing field that Big Labor had been exploiting for years at the expense of membership dues.

These lessons must be learned and implemented if the decline of American exceptionalism is to be reversed this November!