Grassroots Gears Up For Supreme Court's Obamacare Ruling

Grassroots Gears Up For Supreme Court's Obamacare Ruling

Tea party groups across the country are gearing up for the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling, expected within the next week. Along with them, Republicans are readying their response to fit a number of possible scenarios. After massive push-back this spring from grassroots and reminders of the consequence of straying from a total repeal, should the high court piecemeal the law, the GOP is staying the course

One hurdle down, grassroots is now shifting focus to assembling demonstrations. One national group, the Tea Party Patriots, is working with state and local groups across the country in preparation of flash rallies. Groups are set to assemble outside the Supreme Court within two hours of the ruling with over 1,000 “minute men” at minimum set to protest.

A number of groups across the country are planning protests in their state capitols or courthouses should the individual mandate be approved as constitutional by the high court. 

Should the Supreme Court fail to strike down the law, the tea party will have the impetus to stack Congress with Republicans and ply them with pressure, as this 112th Congress will unlikely repeal it themselves. No Senate Democrat will risk delivering a loss to Obama right before the election, thereby risking their own future support within the party. All of this puts an even greater emphasis on the importance of congressional elections this fall.

Grassroots, like the Republican party, are preparing for every scenario.