Meltdown: Elizabeth Warren Blames 'Right-Wing Extremist' For Cherokee Scandal

Meltdown: Elizabeth Warren Blames 'Right-Wing Extremist' For Cherokee Scandal

Somewhere lurking out there is a Right-Wing Extremist who, decades ago, foresaw the possibility that Elizabeth Warren would be a rising Democrat star – their only hope to unseat a Republican and hold on to the majority in the U.S. Senate. The plot was a dastardly one, and this Right-Wing Extremist executed it perfectly. In the dead of night, he would sneak into Little Lizzie’s room and whisper over and over in her delicate ear: You’re Cherokee. You’re Cherokee. You’re Cherokee.  

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren appears to be cracking under the strain of a scandal that she alone is responsible for bringing down upon her flailing campaign. For it was Elizabeth Warren who ran around for decades pretending to be something she apparently isn’t: a “woman of color,” specifically, part Cherokee.

Even though the corrupt media is downplaying this story as much as it can, New Media (and admittedly some legacy media) have continued to dig for and report the truth, which is obviously becoming more pressure than Warren can handle.

In a bizarre statement released by the Warren Camp yesterday, rather than come clean about her heritage or even agree to meet with Cherokee activists who have requested a meeting with her, Warren lashed out and blamed a solitary “right-wing extremist” for all her woes:

The people of Massachusetts are concerned about their jobs, the future for their kids, and the security of their retirement. Scott Brown would rather talk about anything else. The out-of-state group in question is being promoted and supported by a right wing extremist who is on the record supporting and contributing money to Scott Brown. It is past time we moved on to the important issues facing middle class families in Massachusetts – even if Scott Brown won’t.

As much as I would like to be the “right-wing extremist” to which she refers (after all, that’s what my business cards say), apparently the right-wing extremist in question is widely-respected conservative blogger William A. Jacobson, a Associate Clinical Professor at Cornell Law School:

The Warren statement does not identify the “right wing extremist,” but her campaign has been feeding my name to dutiful scriveners at places such as CBS Boston, who use old information from the Brown-Coakley race[.]

The unceasing drip-drip-drip of this scandal continues to haunt Warren. Just as she makes one explanation, another stubborn fact appears to contradict what she’s said or at least make clear that her explanation isn’t the half of it.

Now a group of four Cherokee women have traveled to Massachusetts to meet with Ms. Warren – something the Democrat star has thus far refused to do. What’s extraordinary about Warren’s refusal is that she’s either snubbing “her own people” or snubbing those she has legitimately offended by assuming their identity in order to enjoy the benefits our misguided nation offers to those who preen as members of an oppressed minority.

Unfortunately for Ms. Warren, it is not 2008 anymore, and until she clears up the record and apologizes to those who might deserve an apology, New Media will continue to do the job the corrupt media won’t.

I also suspect these Cherokee women are not going anyplace and will continue to bring attention to the scandal at the very affordable price of a hotel room.

Ms. Warren has apparently forgotten that the cover up is worse than the crime. For her sake, she hopefully will remember that a public meltdown is worse than just fessing up and getting it over with. Though from the sounds of it, it might be too late.


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