New Poll Has Romney Ahead in Michigan

New Poll Has Romney Ahead in Michigan

Riddle me this, America. How in the world can Obama be absolutely crushing Romney nationally by a full 13 points ( according to the ever-reliable Bloomberg) but still be losing the swing state of Michigan by 2 points, 45 – 43%.

Who are we to believe? A mainstream media outlet that releases two polls in as many days that represent the only good news Obama (and the media) have enjoyed in weeks. Or this from We Ask America:

The options of Obama or Romney were randomized followed by the “undecided” choice. We then followed up with our demographic questions that include gender, age, and political party I.D. Weighting occurred if any of those demographic questions fell out of the norm.

In Iowa: President Obama is holding a small lead: [45-44%]

While in Michigan, our poll confirms what others are seeing: a very close race with Romney ahead by less than the margin of error: 45-43%.

Today, both Gallup and Rasmussen have Romney up nationally 47-45% — and those are both polls where Romney has led fairly consistently for some time now.

Moreover, the We Ask America polls are in line with other polling from both Iowa and Michigan, two states Obama won quite handily that now appear to be slipping away in a sea of bad economic news and power grabs that violate Obama’s Oath of Office.

Today’s decision to cover up for Eric Holder by invoking executive privilege will take a couple more days to resonate with voters.

So, is Obama up 13 points over Romney nationally?


The Bloomberg poll is an absurd outlier.

Is Romney a player in Michigan and Iowa?

Certainly Iowa, possibly Michigan.

Either way, Obama won Michigan by a whopping 16 points in ’08 and Iowa by over 9 points. So insert yourself a media *sad face* here.

What we have to do is get used to is the fact that every once in a while, in order to make themselves and Their Precious One feel better, a poll simply must be released that shows Obama’s gunna git him a second term. The media can then inject themselves with a full day of narrative-happiness about “game changer” and “momentum switch.”

Listen, it’s not just Obama who’s having a tough June. It’s also Obama’s Media Palace Guards.

So have a heart.

Besides, they’re only fooling themselves.


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