Americans Clueless about Who Obama Worships

Americans Clueless about Who Obama Worships

According to a new Gallup poll. Barack Obama’s religion is not clear. Of the people surveyed, only 34% believe he is a Christian, which is what Obama professes to be, while an even greater number, 44%, say they have no idea, and 11% say he is a Muslim.

When the numbers are broken down to party affiliation, an interesting fact emerges; 18% of Republicans say he is a Muslim, while only 3% of Democrats do, which implies Democrats are more likely to believe that Obama is telling the truth about being a Christian. But among independents, 12% believe that Obama is a Muslim, which means that independents lean toward the Republican suspicion of Obama’s religious affiliation.

There is bound to be suspicion of Obama’s Christianity. He has championed abortion, saying, “I have consistently had a 100% pro-choice rating with Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America.” He countenanced the rantings of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, and Wright’s views are anathema to most Christian Americans. He has endorsed gay marriage, which contravenes traditional Christian principles. He has aligned himself with radical Islamists by supporting the Arab Spring. He bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia while refusing to bow before the Queen of England, and he was schooled in a madrassa in Indonesia as a child.

But here’s the real litmus test: in a 2004 interview, when asked what sin was, Obama replied, “Being out of alignment with my values.”

Given the fact that sin is a denial of the holy, that, ladies and gentlemen, is Barack Obama reduced to the essential fact: whatever his values represent is holy, and anything denying his values is sinful. If that’s not a God-complex, it’s a God-denying faith that certainly flies in the face of Christian belief.

No wonder Americans have no clue what Obama worships; the idea that someone worships himself is monumentally difficult for mere mortal Americans to understand.