Holder Contempt Vote Set for Thursday

Holder Contempt Vote Set for Thursday

Holder has until Thursday to release the documents that he’s withholding relating to Operation Fast and Furious, or the House will vote on the recommendation that he be held in contempt of Congress.

Holder is caught between the proverbial rock and hard place: on the one hand, he could be the first attorney general of the United states to be held in contempt of Congress; on the other, he could release documents which would at the very least leave a hell of a stain on his resume.

If Holder stonewalls, the vote Thursday would come on the same day the Supreme Court announces their decision on Obamacare, and the possible double whammy of Obamacare going under and Holder being cited for contempt could be devastating for Barack Obama.

Of course, even if Holder is held in contempt, he’d probably escape judgment, because the process that would ensue would entail the US attorney for the District of Columbia (who was appointed by Obama) deciding whether to bring charges against the very man who is his boss. Is there any doubt about the odds on that?

But if the US attorney refuses to press charges, that would look bad for Obama, too, so there’s no easy way out for the Administration. In all likelihood, the White House, which has demonstrated its indifference to Democratic Party officials’ election chances if they hinder Obama’s own reelection, will soon be throwing Holder under the bus in time-honored Obama fashion.

The only question will be what kind of shrieks Holder emits when the wheels run over him.