WSJ/NBC Poll: Bain Capital Polls Better Than Solyndra

WSJ/NBC Poll: Bain Capital Polls Better Than Solyndra

A few of the numbers from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal/NBC poll have gotten plenty of media attention, especially those numbers that look good for Obama. Buried deep in the poll, though, is bad news for both Obama and his media allies when it come to their coordinated attack (that’s not hyperbole, it’s a fact) against Romney’s record at Bain Capital.

There are also numbers here that might convince the Romney campaign to focus more on Solyndra, the green energy company that went bankrupt shortly after the Obama Administration accelerated the loan process that rewarded them with a half-billion of our dollars.

After all, Romney has a better story to tell about Solyndra than Obama and his Media Palace Guards do about Bain. The real story behind Solyndra is the worst kind of crony capitalism. One of Solyndra’s stakeholders was  man by the name of George Kaiser — a billionaire campaign bundler who raised somewhere around $100,000 for Obama in 2008. Steve Westly and Steve Spinner are both Obama fundraisers linked to Solyndra and Spinner is the one who pushed the Administration to authorize the loan.

To the poll…

In 2008, President Obama beat John McCain 53 to 46%, a margin of seven points. In the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, 41% of those polled went for Obama and only 30% voted for McCain — an 11% point spread.

So I guess that between now and 2008, we’re supposed to believe Obama’s stellar performance would’ve widened his lead against John McCain.

The overall general sample here is 42% Dem, 38% Repub, and 13% Indy.

Have you ever wondered why polls never ever, ever seem to skew in favor of Republicans?

Overall, the poll shows Obama beating Romney by a statistically insignificant 47/44%, about where this same poll has showed the two of them since the beginning of the year.

Most interesting, though, is that the coordinated attacks the media and Obama have launched against Romney appear to be failing miserably.

Romney’s negatives have only increased 3 points since the beginning of the year and now sit at 39%. Obama sits at 38% — a one point drop since January. But the most fascinating numbers are those comparing Bain Capital and Solyndra.

Despite the media’s non-stop lying about Bain and the Obama campaign’s commercial blitz using the media’s lies, public opinion of Bain and Solyndra is virtually identical.

Very/Somewhat Positive Opinion

  • Bain: 8
  • Solyndra: 2


  • Bain: 19
  • Solyndra: 15

Somewhat/Very Negative

  • Bain: 20
  • Solyndra: 24

Yep, Solyndra polls worse than Bain by a full four points.

Moreover, the numbers on Bain haven’t budged more than a point over the course of last month, which means that thus far this line of attack has proven a real loser.

Some other interesting numbers the media will continue to ignore or downplay:

On looking out for the middle class, Democrats have a 19 point advantage over Republicans, but that’s down a point since December of 2011. That needle isn’t moving. Democrats have lost four points in their advantage against Republicans on energy policy since April of 2011 (8 points compared to 12). The Republican advantage when it comes to dealing with the economy has increased three points since December of 2011 (6 points compared to 3). This mirrors the GOP’s increased advantage when it comes to dealing with spending, which has increased to 17 points.

Only 35% of voters think the economy will get better. 20% think it will get worse. Both categories increased a single percentage point over last month.

Again, there is good news for Obama and Democrats and therefore the media in the poll, but this is about sharing with you what the corrupt media won’t.


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