Fail: Republicans Schedule Holder Contempt Vote on Obamacare Day

Fail: Republicans Schedule Holder Contempt Vote on Obamacare Day

In their latest display of political ineptitude, House Republicans today held the contempt vote for Attorney General Eric Holder over his failure to turn over documents in the Fast and Furious scandal. They could not have picked a worse time to schedule the vote. With the Obamacare decision breaking, the Holder vote – a turning point in the fight against Holder’s stonewalling on Fast and Furious – was absolutely swamped by Obamacare coverage. The planned Congressional Black Caucus walkout on the vote – an idiotic move designed to make the argument that Holder is being targeted due to his race – was completely overshadowed.

A conservative win over the Obama administration became a Thursday document dump, a net public relations loss for Republicans.

Whoever planned this ought to be fired. The American people deserved to be able to watch those proceedings without thinking about the greatest encroachment on personal freedom in our lifetimes. The focus should have been on Obama administration cover-ups. It should have been about Brian Terry.

Instead, we got President Obama triumphing over the Constitution with the help of the Supreme Court at the same time Republicans smacked his Attorney General.

With PR friends like this, conservatives don’t need enemies.