Obama Campaign E-Mail: 'It's Been A Long, Long Week,' Send Cash

Obama Campaign E-Mail: 'It's Been A Long, Long Week,' Send Cash

They’re working hard at Obama for America. Just read what Rufus Gifford, National Finance Director, has to say about it in the campaign’s latest email plea:


I’m not going to lie. It’s been a long, long week.

I went straight from celebrating the Supreme Court ruling on health care to staring down the single biggest fundraising deadline of this campaign so far.

So excuse my bluntness: Can you donate before tonight’s deadline at midnight your time?


Just a few hours left till bedtime. Let’s go,


Rufus Gifford

National Finance Director

Obama for America

Let’s parse this a bit.

First of all, the “hey.” That’s a bit informal – especially when you’re asking for money, a “hey” comes off as impolite. Of course, polite is not the Obama campaign’s style – they just want to “win the damn election.”

Second, “I’m not going to lie.” The lady doth protest too much.

Third, “It’s been a long, long week.” Celebrating a despicable Supreme Court decision is hard work, as we all know, and staring at a fake deadline is exhausting, and pleading with people who are going sleepless because they can’t pay their bills to donate money to the very people ruining their chance at climbing out of their financial abyss is strenuous work.

We feel your pain, Rufus.