Poll: Young, Poor and Independents 'Strongly' Agree ObamaCare's Got To Go

Poll: Young, Poor and Independents 'Strongly' Agree ObamaCare's Got To Go

Rasmussen Reports did extensive polling this weekend — the weekend after the Supreme Court ruled to uphold Obama Care — and found that 52% of Americans still want it repealed. Moreover, 49% believe the bill is bad for the country while only 37% think it’s good.

And that’s the best news poll for Democrats. Not only is ObamaCare polling upside down among almost every conceivable demographic; the intensity of opposition compared to support is even wider.

58% of men favor repeal of ObamaCare, 34% oppose.

46% of women favor repeal, only 43% oppose.

Even among the youth vote, Obama can’t get over 50%: 41% favor repeal while only 44% want ObamaCare to remain the law of the land.  

24% of blacks want ObamaCare repealed, while only 50% want it to remain in place.  

But it’s the income-level cross tabs that are most revealing.

Of those making under $20,000 a year, 39% favor repeal, 47% oppose. Of those making $20k to $40K, 49% favor repeal, 47% oppose.

Now watch what happens when we reach the middle class, which some economists say will bear 75% of the ObamaCare burden. Of those making $40 to $60k a year, 67% favor repeal, only 29% oppose.

This makes perfect sense, because it’s those making between $40 and $60k annually who can both afford health insurance but know they are on the margins when this government monstrosity increases premium prices and overall health care costs.

Among independents, 50% of those who don’t consider themselves either a Republican or Democrat favor repeal, only 35% oppose.

The most fascinating numbers, though, represent the intensity of opposition when compared to support. For instance, even though a small plurality (44/41) in the 18-39 age range oppose repealing ObamaCare, 34% strongly favor repeal, while only 32% strongly oppose. Maybe young people aren’t as gullible about government handouts as the White House had hoped. Being able to freeload off your parents’ health insurance until you’re 26 hasn’t done much to win this demographic over — not that this age group is big on voting anyway.

Even among those making less than $20k per year, ObamaCare loses the intensity vote. 32% strongly favor repeal, while only 22% strongly oppose.  

Unlike young people, the elderly come out to vote in huge numbers and, among those 65 and over, 53% strongly favor repeal while only 23% strongly oppose. A full 30 point margin. Among those between the ages of 40-64 there’s a 19% margin, with 49% strongly favoring repeal and only 30% strongly opposing.

We the voters so loath ObamaCare, a Republican won an off-year election in Massachusetts to replace Senator Ted Kennedy. 2010 was a blow out for Republicans motivated mainly by a desire to stop Obama’s government largesse.  

In 2012,  ObamaCare is truly on the ballot.

I like our chances.


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