Surprising Number of Liberals Unhappy with Obamacare

Surprising Number of Liberals Unhappy with Obamacare

After last week’s historic Supreme Court ruling to allow Obamacare to stand as a tax, one might assume liberals would be celebrating. 

However, according to a New York Times poll, just 34 percent of Americans supported Obamacare’s passage, and one-fifth of those who didn’t were “frustrated liberals” who felt President Obama sold out and should have gone farther enacting a so-called “single-payer” system that would have given the federal government total control of the healthcare industry.  

One such liberal is Dr. Margaret Flowers, a pediatrician and single-payer activist.  Dr. Flowers says Obamacare is nothing but “crony capitalism on steroids”:

The individual mandate requiring people to purchase private insuranceand using hundreds of millions of our public dollars that go directlyto the private insurance companies is outrageous. If you look at itpeople having private insurance still doesn’t guarantee that you couldsee the doctor that you need to see, get the treatment that you need toseek; [it doesn’t guarantee] that you can afford the healthcare becauseof co-pays and deductibles…The greatest cause of bankruptcy is medical [costs]and 80 percent of those people that went bankrupt from medical cost had health insurance.So, we’re forcing people to purchase a defective product, we’re puttingour private dollars into a private corporation that’s just going totake that money as profit and not give it out to the people for care.

Perhaps this helps explain why Mr. Obama has not seen an uptick in the polls since the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare.