Gallup: Fewer Americans Get Health Insurance From Employers

Gallup: Fewer Americans Get Health Insurance From Employers

How can you tell employers are slowly being weeded out in the Obama economy? Here’s one way: since 2008, fewer and fewer Americans are being insured by their employers. This data was released by a new Gallup poll released today. In 2008, 61.6% of adults were insured by their employers, while in 2012 that figure dropped to 55.9%. Employers simply can’t afford the costs of insuring their employees any more.

According to the philosophy of the Obama administration, that’s all well and good. Their goal is to eventually have all Americans dependent on the federal government; the faster the private sector is decimated, the happier they’ll be.

Another indication that the Obama administration is succeeding in ushering in the Age of Dependency is the Gallup poll’s data showing that the percentage of 18- to 25-year-olds getting employee health insurance has not grown because under the Affordable Care Act, they can remain on their parents’ health plans. A final feather in the cap of dependency on the government is Gallup’s statement that Medicare, Medicaid and military/veteran’s benefits are much higher than in 2008 and 2009.

The liberal dream of emotionally crippled citizens relying on a state government grows ever closer.