Obama Shifts from 'Blame Bush' to 'Blame Romney's Swiss Bank Account'

Obama Shifts from 'Blame Bush' to 'Blame Romney's Swiss Bank Account'

The Obama campaign has tried to distract from its failures and the latest abysmal jobs numbers by pointing and shouting about Mitt Romney’s Swiss bank account and other offshore investments. 

Apparently, while America slept, a law was passed which criminalized wealth and foreign investments. Before progressives chirp about “Merica-made” (while passing policies skyrocketing labor costs and shifting manufacturing power overseas), consider foreign-born George Soros’s funding of most of the sites who will use such a defense. 

Yes, it’s Romney’s Swiss bank account that:

accounts for 40+ months of 8+% unemployment

orchestrated the deaths of 300+ Mexican citizens and two border agents

promised to bankrupt the coal industry

called for Israel to return to its 1967 borders

gave the BP rig a safety award months before the Gulf spill

said Obamacare would reduce premiums

promised to save millions from foreclosure 

said health care negotiations would be televised

did nothing while Iranian protesters were slaughtered in the street

pledged to be the most transparent administration ever

held meetings with the women-hating Muslim Brotherhood (#waronwomen)

promised “lobbyists won’t be part of my administration” (oops, oops, oops, and oops)

said it doesn’t want its daughters to be “punished with a baby”

blasted Bush for using executive orders and then immediately began using executive orders when elected

increased the national debt by $3.5 trillion

said “if you like your health care plan you can keep it”

said its stimulus will create “shovel ready jobs”

promised not to ship jobs overseas (more oops)

I’d like to have a Bomb Pop before calling it a night, so you get the idea. 

Makes the perfectly legal action of a Swiss account seem less like a “big f*cking deal,” doesn’t it?