Campaign Website: Meeting Obama Better Than Birth of My Kids!

Campaign Website: Meeting Obama Better Than Birth of My Kids!

Remember when we all had a chance to donate $3 to President Obama’s campaign and win a meeting with President Obama aboard his campaign bus? Well, one lucky guy, Jeff, won that contest – and he recounted his experiences for the Obama campaign website. It just so happens that Jeff received stimulus bucks from Obama’s economic plan. What a coincidence! In fact, Jeff called meeting President Obama “the second best thing that ever happened to me, after getting married. And yes, Jeff has daughters. So meeting Obama was even better than the birth of his children.

Let’s let Jeff tell the story:

It was unbelievable. I never thought that I would win. What got me to enter was that I’m trying to donate a little each month, and I had done it the month before. I didn’t even know it was a contest–I just had no idea. But to win that and meet the President of the United States, well–as I told him, it was the second best thing that ever happened to me, after getting married.

Jeff just couldn’t get over the thrill:

[W]e got into Ohio on the 4th of July, stayed over at a hotel, and the next day we went to the airport. We got to go out on the tarmac and stand next to the bus and wait for Air Force One. It just gave me goosebumps to see it come in–it’s not like watching any other plane.

Then we saw them push up the stairs to let the President off, and he came out and gave a little wave to all the people watching. He came down the stairs and walked right over to us–he already knew our names. He said, ‘Hi, Cheri! Hi, Jeff!’ He shook my hand and gave my wife a hug. I was just elated. And then we got on the bus, sat down at a little table, and just started talking. My wife and I are still just floating up in the air.

As luck would have it, the Obama campaign selected precisely the right fellow for the meeting with President Obama. Not only hasn’t Jeff faced tough economic times, he’s one of Obama’s welfare cases:

If it weren’t for him, I never would have gotten the loan I needed to start up the retail part of my business, which allows me to sell my wood stoves and gas stoves. So I told him, ‘That stimulus plan, Mr. President, it worked very well for me. That’s how I expanded my shop.’ We got to talk about the business a little bit, and it was just so exciting–it even turned out one of his staff had been a chimney sweep when they were a kid. It definitely brought a grin to his face when I told him how much I liked the Recovery Act.

We’re sure it did.

Then the two new chums started swapping life stories. As it turned out, both Jeff and Obama had grown up in single-parent families. The coincidences just kept on coming! During this conversation, Jeff talked a bit about his daughters – you know, the kids whose birth must rank third on his list of life experiences, just behind kissing the President’s posterior.

And then the President did something really unexpected:

He gave my wife another hug and shook my hand and shoulder-bumped me. I kept saying to my wife, ‘Wow! I got shoulder-bumped by the President of the United States!’ It was the most awesome thing in the world.

A shoulder-bump. What a guy. What Jeff took from that shoulder-bump was something special:

And I deeply believe now more than ever that our country needs him in office–I’ve gotten to meet the man, and I know that he’s genuine. He feels our pain. And his plans are working.

What luck that of all the hundreds of thousands of people Obama could have chosen, he chose Jeff. And what luck for Jeff, who just had one of the crowning experiences of his life. He may have some explaining to do to his daughters, though.