DNA Found at Occupy Protest Leads to Break in 2004 Murder Case

DNA Found at Occupy Protest Leads to Break in 2004 Murder Case

NY police announced Tuesday that DNA found at the scene of a 2004 murder of a young woman matchesDNA left on a chain used to prop open NY subway gates as part of anOccupy protest.

Eight years ago Sarah Fox went for a jog during the day. She waslater found dead in a park, stripped andstrangled by an unknown assailant. No one has ever been tried for thecrime, but DNA believed to be that of Fox’s murderer was retrieved fromher CD player lying a few feet from her body.

Now a DNA match has been found on a chain used to vandalize New York City’s subways this March as part of a “fare strike.” The stated explanation for the action read, “This morning before rush hour, teams of activists, many from Occupy WallStreet, in conjunction with rank and file workers from the TransportWorkers Union Local 100 and the Amalgamated Transit Union, opened upmore than 20 stations across the city for free entry.”

Police have not made any arrests and claim they do not know whose DNA they have.There is a a person of interest in the Fox murder case who has neverbeen charged. There is no word yet on whether police have connected him to thesubway strike.