Report: Romney May Announce Running Mate as Early as Next Week

Report: Romney May Announce Running Mate as Early as Next Week

Mitt Romney may announce his running mate earlier than usual, according to a Reuters report. And since Romney will attend the opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics in London in two weeks, this would mean the Republican presidential nominee could name his running mate as early as next week.

Naming his running mate early would give Romney advantages in fundraising and a full-time surrogate who can better help him not only attack President Barack Obama but also combat a mainstream media intent on distorting his record and associations while covering up the President’s.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Ohio Senator Rob Portman, and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan have been much discussed as potential running mates. So has, to a lesser extent, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, but the previous four potential running mates have been surrogates for Romney in recent weeks in a way Rubio has not, though Rubio will be the star attraction at a fundraiser for Romney on Friday. 

Jindal and Pawlenty recently shadowed Obama’s bus tour through Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania and were effective surrogates, helping Romney’s message cut through the mainstream media filter.

This led many observers to believe Messrs. Jindal and Pawlenty were at the very top of the very short list.