Judge Orders Bankrupt Scranton To Pay Full Wages

Judge Orders Bankrupt Scranton To Pay Full Wages

After the pressure that was applied to John Roberts of the Supreme Court to vote for Obamacare, is there any doubt that any judge can be intimidated?

Here’s a test case. A Scranton, Pennsylvania judge has ordered Scranton to pay employees full wages even though the city can’t afford it. The mayor, Chris Doherty, said that he can’t print money, the paychecks that were for minimum wage have already been sent, and he has to meet the City Council’s budget. Ryan McGowan, the City Administrator, said if the city pays the 400 employees their full salaries, the city would be strapped.

Guess which group challenged the city in court, successfully petitioning for an injunction against the city?

That’s right: the unions, whose spokesman said he will again file a motion seeking to hold the mayor in contempt of court if the paychecks for a full wage aren’t forthcoming.