Troopathon V: Dedicated to Andrew Breitbart

Troopathon V: Dedicated to Andrew Breitbart

Independence, patriotism, troops, freedom, celebrities, and Andrew Breitbart are all things that come to mind when you mention Troopathon.

I remember my first visit to Andrew Breitbart’s house: he took me out to his back deck that overlooks the National Cemetery. He told me that every morning he looked out, it reminded him of the price of freedom. Everyone who knew Andrew understood how much he loved and supported our troops. 

As we get ready to launch Troopathon V Thursday, July 12, we remember his smile, his passion, his humor, and his roller blades — and we officially dedicate the event to him. 

This year, we raise funds to send care packages to those serving in Afghanistan. Our troops are growing weary. They have been at this for 10 years; many have not only done multiple deployments, and some are starting to question if America has forgotten that they are still in battle. There are 90,000 American troops in Afghanistan. 


They deserve gratitude for all they have sacrificed as they continue to defend us and our freedoms. 

I had the blessing of hand delivering these care packages to our troops in the combat zone, and I have seen the direct and positive impact on morale. I’ve seen grown warriors break down upon realizing that someone back home — someone they’ve never met — took the time to send a little piece of their heart in a care package. I’ve seen their gratitude first hand, and it’s beyond description. 

Since my son Marc Alan Lee died on Aug 2, 2006, becoming the first SEAL killed in Iraq, I have dedicated my life to honoring and supporting our troops and their families. At times I grow weary from battle, and it always did my heart good to know I could turn to Andrew for strength. And I still do as his spirit lives on. He has and always will be the spirit of Troopathon. 

This year’s event, which will be aired on July 12, 2012 from 1pm-9pm PDT, will be hosted by Melanie Morgan along with co-hosts Dana Loesch from Breitbart News, JD Hayworth, and myself. 

Please tell everyone you know to tune in LIVE at You don’t have to wait for July 12th but can make a donation today on the website. Our troops are America’s true heroes and we need to let them know we love and appreciate them.

Standing in the gap for our country, our troops, and their families,

Debbie Lee