Fed Officials May Want More Stimulus

Fed Officials May Want More Stimulus

The Federal Reserve may be open to another round of stimulus as the economy goes further into the doldrums.

According to The Hill, minutes from the last meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) released Wednesday suggest that “a handful of its 12 members said further policy steps would ‘likely'” to push the economy in the right direction while “several others” agreed the “Fed would need to do more for the economy if the recovery were to lose steam or additional threats to the economy were to arise.”

The minutes also suggest that “officials see the economic recovery as gradually slowing, and are mulling ways the central bank could step in to help,” especially in light of the “recent run of disappointing economic data, headlined by a series of disappointing jobs reports.”

The minutes of the meeting will lead to more chatter about whether the Fed will print more money to try to help the slumping economy in the midst of an election year.