Nine Border Patrol Offices to Be Closed: More Amnesty?

Nine Border Patrol Offices to Be Closed: More Amnesty?

In mid-June, as Congress refused to pass the DREAM act, Obama went around Congress and announced quasi-amnesty for over 800,000 young illegals in America. When the Supreme Court upheld the portion of Arizona’s immigration law that required police officers to check the identification of immigrants who come into contact with law enforcement, Obama went around the Supreme Court and immediately suspended deportation of illegal immigrants who might be detained in Arizona.

The message was clear: if you’re here, you can stay.

And now he’s going a step further and making it easier for illegal immigrants to get here in the first place. Obama is doing this by shutting down “nine Border Patrol stations across 4 states.” Law enforcement in areas affected by the closures say this means catching a car full of illegal immigrants will now include holding those immigrants for up to eight hours while the nearest Border Patrol agent arrives. Up till now, the Border Patrol agents have been right alongside the police officers.

The Border Patrol offices to be closed are in high human trafficking and drug smuggling areas, and the Obama administration believes concerns over the closures are being blown out of proportion because the agents in those offices aren’t being terminated. Rather, they are being reassigned to hot-spots along the actual southern border.

Yet as Fox News reported, Reps. Mac Thornberry (R-TX) and Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) don’t agree with the administration on this. The Border Patrol offices in their cities (Amarillo and Lubbock) have apprehended 638 illegal immigrants in the first part of this year alone, yet they are scheduled to be closed. 

Who is going to be apprehending illegal immigrants in cities like Amarillo and Lubbock once Obama takes their Border Patrol Agents away?