Romney to Young Illegals: Join the Military or Go Home

Romney to Young Illegals: Join the Military or Go Home

Mitt Romney’s campaign insisted that his immigration plan would allow young illegal immigrants who join the U.S. military to stay in the country. Everyone else found to be in the country illegally would have to go back to their country of origin. 

CNSNews, which pressed the Romney campaign on its immigration stance, sent the following emails to the Romney campaign:

In an June 22 e-mail to his campaign press office, asked Romney: “In your 2008 and 2011 Republican primary campaigns–specifically at the January 30, 2008 debate at the Reagan Library and at the December 10, 2011 debate at Drake University–you said that you would make all illegal aliens in the United States, including those who had been here a long time, return to their home countries and, if they wanted to legally immigrate to the United States, they would need get in the back of the line. Is it still your position that all illegal aliens in the United States must leave and go back to their home countries?” …

… In a follow-up e-mail on July 6, asked the Romney campaign to clarify–yes or no–whether the governor still held the view he expressed in 2008 and 2010, specifically:  “Does he still support having illegal immigrants go back home?”

According to CNSNews, a Romney campaign spokesman, on background, responded with one word: “Yes.” 

Immigration could be a winning issue for Romney among blue collar, Reagan Democrat swing voters.