Palin: 2012 is a Battle Between 'Big Government' and 'Big Freedom'

Palin: 2012 is a Battle Between 'Big Government' and 'Big Freedom'

Sarah Palin boldly, clearly and sharply articulated the stakes in the 2012 election on Saturday when she addressed a “Patriots in the Park” Tea Party event. The event took place in Michigan and was sponsored by the Michigan branch of Americans for Prosperity and the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus.  

“2012 is a race between the party of big government and the party of big freedom,” Palin said, contrasting the Republican party’s vision with that of President Barack Obama’s.

In reference to Obama and his policies, Palin said there was something “wrong with someone” who would want to fundamentally transform a country that was good and strong. 

“If that’s what you call hope, then we want change,” Palin said.

Palin dubbed Obama’s economic policies as “Obamanomics,” called it a form of “crony capitalism on steroids” and said some aspects of Obamacare should be dubbed “no bureaucrat left behind” for the thousands of I.R.S. jobs the bill has created to collect what the Supreme Court found to be a tax. 

She accused Obama of having “recklessly mortgaged our children’s future $5 trillion in new debt,” being “constantly adrift,” and being afraid of the Tea Party.  

She also mocked the Obama administration’s responses to dismal jobs reports. The job reports were a subject of a classic Mitt Romney press release titled “Broken Record, Broken Promises,” in which the Romney campaign cleverly compiled 30 responses from the Obama White House that dismissed unfavorable jobs with the same line: “It is important not to read too much into any one monthly report…”

“Now, the mainstream media gets these reports and gives the White House a pass,” Palin said. “The lapdogs in the media let them get away with that kind of B.S.”

Palin mocked the press releases, saying Obama didn’t want to read too much into America’s credit downgrade, the debt tripling, the attorney general cited for contempt of Congress, and failed green energy gambles like Solyndra. 

And referring to herself as a “proud bitter clinger,” Palin condemned the Obama administration’s role in the “Fast and Furious” scandal. She suggested there would be revelations in the future of  a nexus between gun-control advocates and those involved in the scandal responsible for the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. 

“Let me go out on the limb here and predict we will find a connection between this tragic blunder of a mission and the anti-Second Amendment officials who love to give all firearms a bad name,” Palin said before adding that those anti-Second amendment officials want an “erosion of our our Second Amendment rights and even more government gun control.” 

Palin accused Obama of having “downsized and outsourced American prosperity” and called him an “imperial president” who chooses to “enforce and ignore” whatever laws he wants.

In recent months, Obama has issued an executive directive that stated certain illegal immigrants would not be deported and essentially rewrote the federal work requirements in the welfare reform law.

“We know he is bringing America to her knees and our vision will have her standing tall again,” Palin said, before saying “our vision is of the optimistic pioneering spirit in the frontier … of the pilgrim and the patriot … of pioneer and the hard working immigrant.” 

Palin defined this generation’s mission statement and said the current generation has a “rendezvous with destiny” to fundamentally restore what Obama has transformed.

She called that restoration “our sacred duty to the past and the future.”