The 'Bonehead' in Chief Fibs on Drilling

The 'Bonehead' in Chief Fibs on Drilling

Barack Obama spoke at a townhall event in Cincinnati yesterday, and in his usual demagogic style, wrought havoc with the truth.  But even before he launched into his litany of misrepresentations, he admitted that he’s a bonehead:

So I don’t know about you, but in my life, what I found — sometimes I do bone-headed things, I make mistakes. What I find is when I don’t — when I try something and it doesn’t work, then I don’t try it again. Right?  You don’t go back to doing something that didn’t work.

Mr. President, unemployment is ravaging the country, the inflated currency you’ve foisted on the American public will haunt us for years, your coddling has helped the Middle East fall to Islamists threatening the demise of the West … and you are intent on spending more, printing more money, and inviting the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House.

Then Obama got down to his real misrepresentations:

But what really sets us apart has always been that we’ve got the greatest middle class and a basic idea that’s at the heart of this country that says if you work hard, then you can get ahead.  If you’re responsible, then you can live out your dreams, you’re not confined to the circumstances of your birth.  A basic belief that if you’re doing what you need to do — because we’re not a country that believes in handouts, we believe in working for what we get … 

In Roanoke last Friday, Obama said: “You’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Then the fibbing really got going: “I ended the war in Iraq as I promised. We’re winding down the war in Afghanistan. We decimated al Qaeda.”

There is still a war in Iraq. Pakistan is fighting us on using their supply routes to fight in Afghanistan until you apologized for our military. Al Qaeda isn’t going anywhere, despite your claiming that you were essentially personally responsible for doing the work of the Navy Seals.

Then a clever fib:

A couple of things I just want everybody to know.  First of all, if you hear anybody say that somehow we are impeding the development of our energy resources here in this nation, I want you to know these facts: oil production — higher than it’s been in eight years …

There are two problems with this. The first is that 96% of the increase came from land not owned by the federal government. In 2011, oil production on federal lands declined by an average of 275,000 barrels per day, whereas production on non-federal lands increased by 395,000 barrels per day. Oil production on federal lands dropped 14 percent in 2011.

The second problem is more subtle. This increase in production comes from  the price revolution in crude oil, which finally broke through the long-term, $25 ceiling during 2003-2004, and which is now hovering around the $90 level.

The world economy is struggling on the demand side, which means as Obama’s economic policies destroy the US economy, the world’s economy will be profoundly affected, there will be less money to buy oil, prices will fall, and oil producers will drop their levels of production.

Less money, less demand, less oil.

President Obama’s fibbing will continue through Election Day. Whether it continues beyond that point will be up to Americans, who are beginning to see through his obfuscations and manipulations.