Gay Activists Pressure University of Texas to Investigate Sociologist

Gay Activists Pressure University of Texas to Investigate Sociologist

University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus published a study in the July issue of Social Science Research that found children of homosexual parents have significantly more social and mental health problems than children of heterosexual parents. According to LifeSiteNews, he is  being investigated by the University of Texas for “scientific misconduct” after numerous complaints from gay activist groups. 

LifeSiteNews reports Rengerus’ study has been described as the gold standard on the children of gay parents because “of its use of a large, random sample, with responses coming from the children of opposite sex and same-sex parents” in contrast to previous studies that have relied on smaller samples and focused more on the responses of the parents rather than the children. 

After Rengerus’ study was published, gay activists attacked Regnerus for receiving funding from institutions that support traditional marriage.  In a letter to the president of the University of Texas the activists accused him of purposely designing the study to make “gay people look bad” despite any evidence. Gay rights groups also implied Regnerus had anti-gay biases because he had recently converted to Catholicism. 

In a video interview with The Daily Texan, Regnerus vehemently denied his study was biased, saying he did not have a political axe to grind and “will always follow where the data leads.”  

To support Regnerus’ study, 18 notable social scientists issued a public statement  affirming the “scientific integrity of Regnerus’ methods” and expressing disappointment that “many media outlets have not done their due diligence in investigating the scientific validity of prior studies, and acknowledging the superiority of Regnerus’s sample to most previous research.”