Campaign: Obama 'Has Worked Hard For African-American Community'

Campaign: Obama 'Has Worked Hard For African-American Community'

Today, Mitt Romney’s campaign tweeted the following:

@MittRomney has worked hard for the white community. Now it’s time to have his back.

Just kidding. Obama for America’s North Carolina affiliate tweeted:

Now imagine for a moment if Mitt Romney had tweeted that he works hard for the white community. The outcry would be deafening – and rightfully so. But when Obama labels all blacks the same and suggests that he is biasing his administration toward them – and make no mistake, that’s precisely what he’s doing – the media overlooks it, as though the blatant appeal to racial solidarity has a place in our political discourse.

It doesn’t. But the Democrats simply can’t stop playing the race card. Hence Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – the whitest man alive – suggesting that 17 “angry white men” would be controlling the country if Mitt Romney won the White House. Hence Congressional Democrats bringing in race-baiting experts to teach them how to exploit the race card against conservatives. Hence Obama’s myriad Hollywood supporters maintaining that opposition to his administration must be based on racism. And hence Obama’s oft-used phrase “have his back,” implying that there are some nefarious folks out to get Obama, and only you can protect him.

It’s absolutely absurd for this type of rhetoric to be pooh-poohed by a compliant media. But that’s what they do, no matter how divisive Obama’s rhetoric and no matter how racially polarizing his campaign.