Obama Fails to Meet Budget Review Deadline

Obama Fails to Meet Budget Review Deadline

With the country mired in debt, the Obama administration had until July 16 to submit their mid-session budget review to Congress. And they failed to meet the deadline.

According to The Hill, the “document is supposed to contain revised spending, tax collection and deficit numbers to update the February budget proposal.” The February budget proposal was also released late, making it the third consecutive year in which Obama released his budget late, which many Republicans, according to The Hill, have said was a result of Senate Democrats failing to pass a stand-alone budget for the last three years.

“The Obama administration’s continued failure to meet the statutory deadline to report the midsession budget review is unacceptable for a government tumbling toward a debt crisis,” House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) told The Hill. 

This is yet another symbol of the lack of concern Obama has for the country’s dire fiscal situation.