Note to Obama: Investigate Romney Or Shut the Hell Up

Note to Obama: Investigate Romney Or Shut the Hell Up

The asinine new insistence that Mitt Romney turn over years of tax returns to the general public has reached extreme pitch over the last 24 hours, with both conservatives and liberals calling on Romney to hand over his papers. Now, it would be ideal if every candidate for president turned over all of his or her paperwork – every jot and tittle since the third grade. But for a media eager to cover for Obama’s transparency problems – Fast and Furious? Health care negotiations? Union meetings at the White House? Full White House logs? – to bash Romney with charges of non-transparency is ridiculous.

What’s even more hypocritical is the Obama campaign’s insistence that we have to see Romney’s tax returns in order to find out if he’s a criminal. They’ve called him a felon for putting his name on SEC forms.

So here’s the deal for Obama: put up, or shut up. Romney has filed his tax returns. The IRS, which is an executive branch agency, can investigate Romney. And you had better believe that Romney, who has an annual income of tens of millions of dollars, has his tax returns heavily scrutinized by the IRS already.

As far as the allegations about the SEC violations, as it turns out, Obama’s executive branch is also in charge of the SEC. If the SEC is concerned about Romney, they can investigate.

The Obama campaign ought to put up or shut up. Romney has violated no laws. There is no evidence that he has. For the Obama campaign to suggest that he has done so is malicious and vile. In short, either Obama is a liar or a criminal conspirator covering up Mitt Romney’s wrongdoing.