Washington State Embraces Facebook Voter Registration

Washington State Embraces Facebook Voter Registration

The Obama campaign is teaming up with Microsoft and Facebook to make sure the youth of America, who voted in droves for Obama in 2008, don’t forget to vote in 2012.

Facebook approached Microsoft about a new app that would enable Washington state voters to register via Facebook, and Microsoft eagerly agreed. Why would Facebook get involved? Washington conducts elections entirely by mail, and online registration started there in 2008.

Here’s why; the move has been calculated for some time by the liberals at Facebook; the Washington Post reported on April 20, 2011 of Obama’s visit to the Palo Alto:

“Facebook has promoted Obama’s visit as a major honor, a validation of the firm’s influence as a communications platform. The White House has boasted that the audience it will reach through Facebook’s live video broadcast is comprised largely of middle class, typically younger Americans who would be harder to approach through traditional media.”

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes was personally engaged in Obama’s 2008 campaign; Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, serves on the board of the Brookings Institution and sits on Obama’s Council of Jobs and Competiveness.

As far as Microsoft goes, its founder Bill Gates is a leftist who believes in anthropogenic global warming, a fundamental precept for Obama; the employees at Microsoft love Obama; they have donated $351,416 to him for 2012, while Romney only got $77,190; and even more significantly, Steven VanRoekel, who was appointed by Obama to be Federal Chief Information Officer of the United States was a long-time Microsoft executive who gave $50,000 to Obama’s 2009 inauguration festivities. Microsoft was the #1 tech contributor to Obama of all companies.

Shane Hamlin, co-director of elections for the Washington state, said disingenuously that the state didn’t create the deal with Facebook and Microsoft to specifically target young people, but for all voters.

Sure. Because everyone knows how many grandmothers use Facebook.