Dana Loesch Wins Breitbart Spirit Award At Smart Girl Summit

Dana Loesch Wins Breitbart Spirit Award At Smart Girl Summit

We lost our happy warrior in March, but Andrew Breitbart’s spirit lives on in all of us. But there is one person who stands out above the rest, one person who embodies everything he stood for.

That would be our very own Dana Loesch.

Smart Girl Politics asked Loesch to hand out its Breitbart Spirit Award over the weekend, and Dana was expecting the winner to be someone else. When she got up to hand the trophy out she was told to sit down, and that’s when the tears started to flow. A video was put together of Breitbart talking about Loesch at last year’s Smart Girl Summit in St. Louis.

He called Loesch “the gothic wonder woman version of Phyllis Shlafly.” He talked about how if you look at the evolution of Ms. Shlafly you’d end up with Dana Loesch. He went on about how when he started the infamous Big sites Loesch was on his radar from the beginning. He loved her fight and passion. He had to have her on his staff, and since then she’s been the Editor-In-Chief of Big Journalism. But sometimes her fight and passion wore him out. He mentioned it was sometimes hard to keep up with her!

She’s now a CNN contributor and had her radio show promoted to three hours at 97.1 Talk FM in St. Louis. Her show is #28 on the Top 50 Most Influential Talk Show Radio Hosts On The Internet. She beat out Chris Plante, Lars Larson and G. Gordon Liddy. She’s filled in for Glenn Beck on his successful show on his own network GBTV. Everyone wants her to speak at events so she’s hardly ever home on the weekends.

Loesch inspires many. She inspired me to go after Operation Fast & Furious, and whenever I feel like giving up she gives me the motivation to keep going. No one else deserves this award more than Loesch. She doesn’t apologize for how she feels. Like our happy warrior said, “apologize for what?!”

If someone messes up she will call you out no matter what side you’re on. She’s consistent and will throw herself out there into the gunfire.

But, of course, this could not go smoothly with the award. There has to be a bump in the road, and the TSA was more than happy to oblige. Loesch wasn’t going to check in her glass award and carried it on with her. The TSA went ballistic and sent 3-4 people to search through her luggage because they thought her award was a bomb. They told her the luggage and award had traces of nitrates or explosives. After a long delay the TSA finally decided that her crystal clear glass award was not a bomb and allowed her to proceed.

Even in death Breitbart manages to cause a stir.

While there are more and more conservative women to look up to we still have a long way to go. Loesch is our Andrew Breitbart. She is the leader to take us into the battle to save America.