Obama Was Ridiculing Small Biz Owners Not 'Standing Behind Them'

Obama Was Ridiculing Small Biz Owners Not 'Standing Behind Them'

The only recent poll that reflects any good news for Team Obama is so wildly skewed in the President’s favor that it’s actually bad news. If a poll skewed D+11 only shows Obama with a 6-point lead and at 49% against his opponent, this is an incumbent in serious trouble. Especially when you add in the fact that he’s already fired The Big Bain Guns.  

Something else that must have The Chicago Crew worried is that they are presently on defense and attempting to explain their way out of Obama’s revealing and shockingly stupid off-teleprompter remarks about small businesses last week. The President himself has even had to engage in damage control and yesterday came out with this — an ad in which the President claims that what he was really saying is that we have to “stand behind” small business owners.


Watch the full context of Obama’s remarks. Does this sound like the President is “standing behind” entrepreneurs or mocking them?

My colleague Larry O’Connor put together this brilliant piece of video that perfectly captures how dishonest the President is being as he tries to extricate himself from his own words:

This is disgraceful behavior from the President, and if he had a shred of integrity, he would stop dissembling and start apologizing. Small business owners have every right to be angry for being so openly mocked by their own president.

Switching gears for a second, this is the second ad Obama has released in this type of setting and with this tone. This is calm, cool, charming Obama returning after weeks of slash and burn lies against Mitt Romney.

Methinks someone is worried about his favorability ratings.


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