Ending Spending Action Fund to Back Cruz with Six-Figure Radio Ad Buy

Ending Spending Action Fund to Back Cruz with Six-Figure Radio Ad Buy

This weekend, the Ending Spending Action Fund, the Super PAC formed in 2010 by Brian Baker and Joe Ricketts, the founder of TD Ameritrade, will place a six-figure targeted radio buy in Texas on behalf of Cruz, boosting his media presence in the Senate primary against rival David Dewhurst. 

The radio ad, which can be heard here and is embedded below, describes Cruz as a “true conservative” who is not a part of the establishment and has a record of “defending the constitution and defending conservative principles.”

Further, the ad says problems such as Obama’s “big government health care, trillions in new debt, contempt for immigration laws” will not be solved by a “go-along-to-get-along” politician like the “establishment” Dewhurst. 

The ad, which highlights Sarah Palin’s support of Cruz, says he will fight to “end Obamacare” and “secure our border.” 

Baker, the group’s president, told Breitbart News that the Ending Spending Action Fund is going up with ads in support of Cruz because Cruz has “been on the receiving end of millions of dollars of slime TV designed to smear his record,” and “the people of Texas deserve the truth.”  

“Ted Cruz is not beholden to anything — except the Constitution — and this is why the establishment fears him,” Baker said. “As Solicitor General of Texas, Ted fought for Texas families — even defeating the federal government at the U.S. Supreme Court — and he will keep fighting for Texas and the future of America when he is elected to the Senate.”

Baker said Texans could choose “more-of-the-same” in Dewhurst on Tuesday or they can choose Cruz, whom he called “a courageous leader who will put our country on the path to prosperity.”

Baker said The Ending Spending Action Fund is proud to join those like “Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint and other fiscal conservatives in endorsing Ted Cruz.” 

“Ted is ready — on day one — to help stop the reckless spending spree in Washington, to repeal Obamacare, and to pass a balanced budget amendment,” Baker said. 

The Ending Spending Action Fund has consistently backed candidates committed to ending earmarks and reducing the debt. In the 2012 cycle alone, the group has put money behind candidates like Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Richard Mourdock of Indiana, and Orrin Hatch of Utah. In Nebraska, the group helped push Deb Fischer, who was propelled by Sarah Palin’s last-minute endorsement, across the finish line in the Republican Senate primary. They are hoping their ad buy in Texas’s expensive and vast market will help push Cruz across the finish line on Tuesday.