EXCLUSIVE: Palin Stars In TV Ad For Missouri Senate Candidate Sarah Steelman

EXCLUSIVE: Palin Stars In TV Ad For Missouri Senate Candidate Sarah Steelman

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will star in a new television ad for Missouri Senate candidate Sarah Steelman, Breitbart News has learned. The ad will begin to run statewide on Monday and can be seen below. 

In the ad, which is titled “Momma Grizzly,” Palin, who recently endorsed Steelman, says “we can get American back on track by sending true conservatives” like Steelman to Washington. 

“Sarah is an economist who defends our tax dollars like a mama grizzly defends her cubs,” Palin says, noting that Steelman also earned a reputation as a “conservative maverick” by blocking pork-barrel spending.  

Palin also says that “[Steelman] will fight for a constitutional amendment that forces Congress to balance the budget.” 

Steelman, in the ad, says she is running “because the status quo has to go.” 

Steelman told Breitbart News that Palin “is one of the strongest conservative leaders in the country who remains steadfast battling for what is right despite the personal attacks from the liberal left” and someone who “isn’t afraid to take on the status quo” as she fights to “return the power of government to the people where it belongs.”

“I respect and admire her,” Steelman said, noting she was also “honored and excited that Governor Palin has endorsed me for U.S. Senate.” 

“[Palin] believes we need people with a strong backbone willing to fight for what is right,” Steelman said. “She knows I  will cut government spending, balance the budget and get government out of the way.”

The Missouri Republican Senate primary is August 7, and two other Republicans–Todd Akin and John Brunner–are also running to get an opportunity to defeat the vulnerable incumbent, Democrat Claire McCaskill. This is a prime pick-up opportunity for Republicans who are fighting to retake control of the Senate to overturn and repeal Obama’s policies, like Obamacare. 

McCaskill, who is losing to all three Republican candidates in polls, knows she is more than vulnerable. Missouri will not be a swing state this election and will be in Mitt Romney’s column. And McCaskill will not go to the Democratic National Convention because she knows any association with Obama and national Democrats will hurt her slim reelection chances back at home. 

A recent Mason-Dixon poll had Brunner with a slight lead over Steelman, who was within the poll’s margin of error. One out of five voters surveyed in that poll said they were still undecided. 

Steelman is hoping ads such as this will swing those undecided voters over to her, much in the same way Palin’s endorsement sealed the deal for Senate candidates in Indiana (Richard Mourdock) and Nebraska (Deb Fischer) and boosted the chances of Texas’s Ted Cruz, who is leading his race against David Dewhurst going into Texas’s Tuesday runoff.

The ad can be seen here: