Nine Arrested in Protest Outside Anaheim Police Headquarters

Nine Arrested in Protest Outside Anaheim Police Headquarters

Protests against the Anaheim police department continued Sunday with as many as 350 people marching and chanting outside police headquarters. The protests are in response to two officer-involved shootings which took place last weekend.

Video of the scene outside police headquarters Sunday shows protesters marching in circles carrying signs and chanting slogans critical of the police. Some drew chalk outlines of bodies on the street:

The protests initially began with a smaller crowd of perhaps 100 people. Later in the day the crowd swelled and began marching down Harbor Boulevard. Mounted police struggled to keep the demonstrators on sidewalks. Eventually a group of protesters attempted to block traffic. Eight were arrested. One other individual was arrested in a separate incident at a convenience store along the route.

Members of Occupy Orange County were present at the protest. This followed a call by the hacktivist group Anonymous for a revolution based on the actions of police in Anaheim. Some locals expressed frustration at so many people from out of town showing up in their neighborhood. Elizabeth Munoz told the LA Times “They’re coming down here where I live. We don’t even have our own privacy.”