Chick-Fil-A Uprising: Activism Sweeps America

Chick-Fil-A Uprising: Activism Sweeps America

All across the country, conservative activism ruled as “Chick-fil-a Appreciation” day proved to be a wild success, as stores nationwide were reportedly packed. The groundswell, fed in part by social media, was  impossible to ignore — even the mainstream media noticed.

At 2:30pm at a packed Chick-Fil-A in Dallas, I spoke with several customers, and they all said they were eating there today in support of the company. One man told me he felt like was a chance, “to stand up and do something.”

The crowd at the Dallas restaurant was a cross section of America: working class, people in business attire, men, women, white, black, and brown. In fact, there was a noticeable contingent of African Americans with T-Shirts from a local church. One man in the group said that they were there in support because “Chick-fil-A has values.” This may be an indicator that the Obama administration push for black churches to accept same-sex marriage as a new civil-rights movement has some resistance, despite getting allies like the NAACP and Al Sharpton.

The protest came in the wake of mayors in cities like Chicago and Boston saying that they would work to stop Chick-fil-A from expanding or opening. These political strong arm tactics were the issue for many people, who felt that it was another example of liberal bullying and politically correct censorship of debate.

Mainstram media outlets from the Los Angeles Times to CNN took note.

CNN reported:

Edwin Guzman told CNN’s iReport that he wanted about 30 minutes for his lunch at a “crazy packed” Chick-fil-A in Clarksville, Tennessee.

“It’s really hard to find people or leaders that stand for something good and stay firm,” he said of the restaurant chain.

In Barboursville, West Virginia, Brett Walker said, “the scene at Chick-fil-A seemed like a massive silent protest.”

Walker told iReport he chose to eat at the restaurant Wednesday “in support of free speech” and waited 40 minutes to receive his order.

And the L.A. Times said:

More than a dozen people stood outside the Northridge Chick-fil-A on Wednesday morning, waving American flags and holding signs that read, “Free to speak, to build, to boycott.” The event was organized by the San Fernando Valley Patriots, a local arm of the tea party.

“That man — just like you 

 I — has a right to say, ‘This is what I believe’ and not be punished for it,” Karen Kenney, of the San Fernando Valley Patriots, told KTLA.

Never fear; the left and their media minions will get around to painting this support of free speech as hatred and bigotry. No matter; today “Freedom Fries” are Waffle Fries and the delicious taste of freedom of speech will last from here to November and beyond.