Napolitano Admits Terrorists Enter America Through Mexican Border

Napolitano Admits Terrorists Enter America Through Mexican Border

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told the House Homeland Security Committee that she can confirm terrorists enter America through the Mexican border.

Arizona Representative Ron Barber asked Ms. Napolitano, “As you know, Madam Secretary, there have been anecdotal reports about material evidence of the presence of terrorists along our southern border. My question is, is there any credible evidence that these reports are accurate and that terrorists are, in fact, crossing our southern border with the intent to do harm to the American people?”

“With respect, there have been–and the Ababziar matter would be one I would refer to that’s currently being adjudicated in the criminal courts–from time to time, and we are constantly working against different and evolving threats involving various terrorist groups and various ways they may seek to enter the country,” she answered. 

“What I can tell you, however, is that that southern border–the U.S.-Mexico border–is heavily, heavily staffed at record amounts of manpower, materiel, infrastructure and the like, and we are constantly making sure we’re doing all we can to make that border as safe as possible.”

Last year, an informant with the Drug Enforcement Agency helped foil a plan to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US. Iranian agents wanted the help of Mexican drug cartels to carry out the plot.

Judicial Watch reported in November 2010 the US Border Patrol captured thousands of people classified as Other Than Mexican. These include individuals from Yemen, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, and Afghanistan. The information came from retired immigration agent Michael Cutler. An Atlanta reporter found documents in San Antonio, TX about an indictment against Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane for smuggling humans from Brazil to Mexico to America. The indictment included agents from Somalia’s terrorist group Al Shabob.

So while ordinary citizens are frisked and molested at airports, terrorists are instead coming in through America’s southern border, and they could potentially be aided by the Mexican drug cartels. Thanks to the gunwalking scheme Operation Fast & Furious, the drug cartels have been provided assault weapons by our own government. 1,400 of the 2,000+ guns are still missing.

On July 19th, Ms. Napolitano tried to brag about the safety of the American/Mexico border, but Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz brought her back to earth. Despite record weapon seizures, she couldn’t answer if any of them belonged to Fast & Furious.

It’s scary to know terrorists are using the lax border security to infiltrate America. It’s scary to know Mexican drug cartels have weapons from Fast & Furious. It’s scarier to know there is a high possibility terrorist groups have the potential to access those weapons by working with cartels.