AFL-CIO Leader Targets White Members on Behalf of Obama

AFL-CIO Leader Targets White Members on Behalf of Obama

Richard Trumka, the frightening union leader who is the head of the 12-million-member AFL-CIO, the largest labor federation, and is one of the men responsible for coordinating Obama’s use of unions to head toward socialism, is coming forward to make sure the white members of unions vote in droves for Obama.

Polls show that white working-class males are even less interested in Obama than they were four years ago; he got 39% of their vote in 2008, but he’s polling at 30% now.

Trumka is committing all of his resources to help, he said:

We’re absolutely going to do good work on the ground, mobilizing workers. We will have 400,000 volunteers this cycle. We’ll be involved in 32 battleground states, up and down the ballot from Barack Obama, the House races, the Senate races, the state house and senate races. A lot of arguments are going to resonate with our members … [in reference to Mitt Romney] …  Outsourcing because they know that he was the leader, his firms were the leader, in outsourcing. That will have a big, big jog. The fact that he has offshore secret bank accounts will fly with our members, because they’ll assume that he’s taking advantage of those tax loopholes and doing it offshore and that’s why he won’t give the tax returns. Will we get every one of them? No. But will we make a difference in our areas? Yes, we will. Voting for their own economic interests generally trumps any kind of clichés, hidden agendas or anything else. They vote in their own economic interest. There’s no reason that there should be a white male, or a white, voter gap.

The union is targeting six states – Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida. In 2008, more than 250,000 union volunteers helped Obama.

Trumka acknowledged that a quarter of AFL-CIO members voted against Obama in 2008, but gave the usual Democratic response: “Some of this I think was pure racism. Some of them would be gun owners, some of them would be right-wing. Some of them would be … dyed-in-the-wool Republicans.”

Trumka is a truly frightening figure, as Michelle Malkin has shown. When head of the United Mine Workers, a nonunion contractor named Eddie York was shot to death when the UMW went on strike. Workmates who attempted to rescue him were beaten up. Trumka boasted two months later, “I’m saying if you strike a match and you put your finger in it, you’re likely to get burned.”  Trumka had the records sealed as he settled out-of-court for $27 million. Reader’s Digest reported that “Trumka did not publicly discipline or reprimand a single striker present when York was killed. In fact, all eight were helped out financially by the local.”

Trumka told UMW members in Illinois to “kick the s**t out of every last” worker who crossed his picket lines. When he was AFL-CIO secretary, Trumka wouldn’t testify in the 1999 embezzlement trial of the Teamsters Union.

From The National Right-To-Work Trumka File:

“1989 UMW strike against Pittston Coal — Virginia Circuit Court Judge Donald McGlothlin Jr. declared that ‘the evidence shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that violent activities are being organized, orchestrated and encouraged by the leadership of this union.'”

“Unanimous Virginia Supreme Court reinforced Judge McGlothlin’s findings: ‘Union officials took active roles in these unlawful activities. Notwithstanding the large fines, the Union never represented to the court that it regretted or intended to cease its lawless actions. To the contrary, the utter defiance of the rule of law continued unabated.'”

Obama and Trumka are one and the same – frightening in their acquiescence when violence coincides with their agenda and absolutely ruthless in their pursuit of changing the United States into a socialist state.