Romney to Harry Reid: 'Put Up or Shut Up'

Romney to Harry Reid: 'Put Up or Shut Up'

After Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) doubled down on his accusations against Mitt Romney — that anonymous sources called Reid’s office and told him Romney had not paid 10 years worth of taxes — Romney went on Reid’s home turf in Nevada and told the Senator to “just put up or shut up.”

“Harry, who are your sources?” Romney asked.

Romney also called Reid out for deflecting attention away from Obama’s poor economy.

And it was fitting that Romney called Reid out on the day the July jobs report was released. July’s 8.3% unemployment means Obama — and Democrats — will try to obliterate Romney and use diversionary tactics like hyping up Reid’s “anonymous” sources to keep the national dialogue focused on anything except Obama’s economy. 

“Harry, I understand what you are trying to do here,” Romney said, emphasizing that Reid was “trying to throw anything onto the screen”  to “deflect the fact that the job numbers are bad, Americans are out of work.”

Romney emphasized that Reid was “simply wrong” about Romney’s taxes. 

“Categorically, I have paid taxes every year and a lot of taxes, a lot of taxes, so Harry is wrong,” Romney said. “You can go on our website and you can see my financial disclosure statements going back to 2002, you can also see our tax returns from 2010.”

Romney then further pressed Reid to reveal his sources, saying he would not be all surprised if Reid’s “sources” were people from the White House or the Obama campaign.