Protesters Vandalize Oakland PD over FBI's Black Bloc Investigation

Protesters Vandalize Oakland PD over FBI's Black Bloc Investigation

The FBI coordinated raids of houses in several northwest cities including Seattle and Portland have sparked a response by activists sympathetic to the black bloc targets of the raid. Vandals took credit for attacking an Oakland PD substation and also damaging two police cruisers.

In the last two weeks the FBI has conducted raids in Seattle, Olympia, and Portland. Search warrants indicate they are looking for people involved in organizing the “Black Bloc,” whose protests often involve vandalism of property and confrontations with police. Grand juries have been convened to consider charging those believed to be involved in protests like the one that took place in Seattle on May Day. The May Day protest was organized by the Occupy movement but was marred by reports of vandalism in several cities around the country.

Early Thursday morning, vandals calling themselves the “East Bay Uncontrollables” damaged two Oakland PD police cruisers with acid then took credit for the action at

Before dawn on August 2, 2012, we covered the windows and windshields of2 unmarked Oakland Police Department vehicles with glass etching fluid,as well as slashing all the tires of one of the cars. We also coveredthe door and 5 windows of the nearby OPD recruitment center with etchingfluid. The windows of the recruitment center had boards behind them dueto being attacked when the Oakland Commune encampment still existed,but the glass was still accessible. These targets are located at theNorth end of Oscar Grant Plaza, where the Oakland Commune materializedlast year.

We did this to coincide with the first day of thegrand jury in Seattle, and to continue our struggle against the forcesof the State and Capital at home. Even when overt social conflict seemsminimal, there are always targets lying in wait. (Also, who needs areason or something to react to….fuck ’em!)

For the destruction of this prison society. May the spirit of revolt spread, from Anaheim to the Bay to the Northwest.

For the silent ones.

In a separate posting, the same group also claimed credit for attempting to break windows at an Oakland PD substation:

In the early morning of August 2nd an attack on an Oakland policesubstation near Lake Merritt was made. One window was damaged and alesson was learned. What thick glass they have, next time more Big L anda bigger cannon.

For the silent ones.

Given that the FBI and local police are already involved in tracking down political vandals, the East Bay Uncontrollables seem to be daring authorities to find them.

Pictured: a separate incident involving graffiti near the Oakland Police Department building. AP photo.