'Occupy Unmasked': Darby, Stranahan Get Standing Ovation at RedState Gathering

'Occupy Unmasked': Darby, Stranahan Get Standing Ovation at RedState Gathering

Last night, Breitbart News contributors Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan gave a presentation on their new film, “Occupy Unmasked,” which is presented by Andrew Breitbart and directed by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. They described how the film details some of the hidden dangers of the radical left-wing movement.

RedState Gathering brings together grassroots conservative activists, bloggers, and some of America’s leading political figures such as Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz and Florida Gov. Rick Scott.  

“Occupy Unmasked” exposes the truth about the goals and origins of Occupy in a dramatic and dynamic style that goes far beyond stereotypes about what a “conservative documentary” looks like. Combining in-your-face footage and no-nonsense commentary from a number of ex-leftists-turned-conservative, the film lands a body blow to the Occupy Movement.  Filmmaker Bannon traces back the roots of the radical, violent uprising to the revolutionaries of the 1960s, including figures like Saul Alinsky. 

Stranahan also teased that “Occupy Unmasked” has the potential to reach more than just the traditional conservative grassroots base, signaling that a major distribution deal is in the works.

On the panel, Darby and Stranahan both shared their personal stories of meeting and later becoming protégés of Andrew Breitbart, who they said provided both the spirit and the intellectual foundation for “Occupy Unmasked.” Stranahan stated in an interview with Breitbar News that “the film was the brainchild of the late new media maverick [Breitbart].”  Darby described the evening as an “honor.”   “[‘Occupy Unmasked’] was one of Andrew’s final projects.  He was dedicated to exposing the far left and even the moderate left who accepted them. To go on stage and present this film, Andrew would have been proud.  We had a hard time holding backtears.”  

Darby explained how his history with the radical left was able to give him insight into how things were destined to roll out with the Occupy Wall Street movement, including the inevitable Black Bloc violence and chaos. “Something Andrew used to say was that I am a wild card in his organization,” Darby told Breitbart News.  “He would say that I have a unique perspective that his readers want to see: to have former leftists speak about what they know and present what they know.”

Darby and Stranahan also gave kudos to Citizens United Productions, the leading conservative filmmaking studio behind the project, as well as Bannon.

The presentation began with a question: “Why did it take a team of ex-leftists to expose the Occupy movement?”  Stranahan answered by saying, “Conservatives have values. This often makes it very difficult for them to understand the absolute depths to which the left is capable of sinking: deliberate lies, deception, and beyond-the-pale offensive behavior.”

Darby and Stranahan also warned that the Occupy movement was not over.  “It’s like Freddy Krueger from the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ films,” he analogized.  “You think it’s dead, but it just keeps springing back to life.” “Occupy Unmasked” explains in great detail how the Occupy movement is essentially the current radical, violent, left-wing, anarchist movement, but it certainly isn’t the first and it won’t be the last.  Darby explained, however, in his conversation with Breitbart News, that Occupy may be the most dangerous movement in decades because it has united the far-left.  “You have so many disperate groups of radicals, you have all these extreme groups, but you have them all under one banner.  It’s the same structures and ideologies as past extreme-left movements, but they are banded together, which is significantly frightening.” And the biggest suckers of all may be the moderate Democrats who have given Occupy a pass: “The average liberal and even the average Occupier don’t realize they are being duped.  They don’t realize they are being used.”

Stranahan and Darby predicted more protests and violence from Occupy at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa, where the film will be showing.

The RedState Gathering crowd gave Darby and Stranahan a standing ovation at the end of the presentation. The two said they look forward to promoting the film at events across the country and also made it clear that they hope to be able to help get the film shown at as many Tea Party events as possible.

They said that a major announcement is coming next week concerning the film’s distribution, which will include a theatrical release as well as video-on-demand and DVD. They were greeted with applause when they revealed that this will all happen before the coming November election.