Romney Campaign Not Backing Down In Ohio Over Military Votes

Romney Campaign Not Backing Down In Ohio Over Military Votes

Mitt Romney’s campaign is not backing down on its claim that the Obama campaign is trying to marginalize military votes in Ohio, even though the Obama campaign is attacking Romney’s camp for making its case. Mensa Joe Biden tweeted, “Ohioans including servicemembers and vets who served our country shouldn’t have to endure shameful attempts to restrict their voting rights.”

Huh? It’s the Obama campaign that is treating the military with disrespect. They are insisting that the state give the same three extra days of early voting to the general public so they have the same time as the military.  But this doesn’t wash; as Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said, the reason Ohioans’ early votes must be done by three days before the election is to allow local election boards to synchronize the early balloting records with the votes at the 9,800 polling places in the state to prevent people from voting twice.

Of course the Obama campaign wants to muck things up by extending early voting to everyone; the resultant logjam would make it easier for dead people and otherwise ineligible people to cast a vote. What makes the Obama campaign’s suit even more egregious is the fact the Ohioans have 35 days before the election to request an absentee ballot; there is no shortage of time.

Thus the leniency toward our men and women in uniform is a matter of necessity, not convenience. Many overseas servicemen and women need the extra time for their ballots to arrive, and this is a transparent attempt by the Obama campaign to negate their votes by encouraging a corrupt situation to allow for false votes. In addition, Obama’s campaign had referred in their suit to the reasons for extra military time as “arbitrary and unconstitutional.”

Romney campaign counsel Katie Biber fiercely challenged the Obama campaign:

We disagree with the basic premise that it is arbitrary and unconstitutional to give three extra days of in-person early voting to military voters and their families, and believe it is a dangerous and offensive argument for President Obama and the DNC to make. It is not only constitutional, but commendable that the Ohio legislature granted military voters and their families this accommodation.  It is despicable for the Obama campaign to challenge Ohio’s lawful decision.

The National Guard is one of more than 12 military groups fighting against the Obama lawsuit. The Romney campaign is not fighting alone.